Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Whoa, has it really been five months since I posted? Time flies when you're having fun.* A lot of that time has been spent working on a case that I'm pretty pumped about and that recently settled. It's still under seal, so I can't talk about it yet. It should be unsealed in the next week or so, though, and I'll comment on it then. For now, suffice it to say that it's cases like this that remind me why I decided to leave big firm life and go to work for the Department of Justice.

I've also been busy promoting my new novel, Blood Brothers, which just released. Here are a couple of recent interviews:



I've been thrilled with the response that Blood Brothers has gotten from reviewers. Writing a sequel is always tough because it's hard to both keep the flavor of the first book and make the new one different and fresh. So I was a little nervous while writing BB, but so far the reviews have been better than I hoped. Here are a few:







*In this context, "fun" means "weekly deadlines and a state budget crisis."

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Anonymous said...

Well so far, *I'm* loving it. Hard book to fall asleep over, though, so I've had to stop reading it at bedtime ...